1. {Fine.) Very pale and picked gum mastic five pounds, glass pounded as small as barley, and well washed and dried two and one-half pounds, rectified turpentine two gallons; put them into a clean four gallon stone or tin bottle, bung down securely, and keep rolling it backwards and forwards pretty smartly on a counter or any other solid place for at least four hours; when, if the gum is all dissolved, the varnish may be decanted, strained through muslin into another bottle, and allowed to settle. It should be kept for six or nine months before use, as it thereby gets both tougher and clearer. 2. (Second Quality.) Mastic eight pounds, turpentine four gallons; dissolve by a gentle heat, and add pale turpentine varnish one-half gallon. 3. Gum mastic six ounces, oil of turpentine one quart; dissolve.

Mastic varnish is used for pictures, etc.; when good, it is tough, hard, brilliant, and colorless. Should it get "chilled," one pound of well-washed silicious sand should be made moderately hot, and added to each gallon, which must then be well agitated for five minutes, and afterwards allowed to settle.