The present work is offered to Tinmen, Builders, Mechanics, and Engineers, as a useful manual of reference, and information.

The first part of the work containing Rules, Diagrams and Tables, will be found very useful to Tinmen.

Mr. Truesdell who has, for many years, used the Diagrams prepared by him for this work, now offers them to the public with every confidence.

The Receipts for Japans, Varnishes, Cements, etc, were taken from "Ure's Dictionary," "Cooley's Cyclopedia," "Muspratt's Chemistry," and other valuable publications.

The sources from which most of the materials relating to Building, Mechanics, and Engineering have been derived, are "Grier's Mechanic's Calculator," "Templeton's Workshop Companion," "The Engineer's and Contractor's Pocket-book," "Adcock's Engineer," "Smeaton's Builder's Companion," and "Lowndes's Engineer's Handbook," which renders this portion of the work deserving of the utmost confidence.

Letter From L. W. Truesdell

Mr. Butts, -

Dear Sir, - If I may be permitted to comment upon the first part of your book, I would like to point out to Tinmen the value of the Diagrams which, a few years ago, could not have been purchased at any price; but as they are now to be published, and sold at a low price, I am confident they will be bought by every Tinman, for I know, by experience, the perplexities to which they are often subjected from the want of them.

With these Directions and Diagrams, the Tinman will be enabled to cut a Right-Angled or Circular Elbow of any size, in a few minutes, and produce as perfect a mitre joint as can be made ; also, patterns for Flaring vessels, of any size or flare, Envelopes for Cones, Pyramid Cakes, Covers for Oval Dishes and Boilers, Funnel-shaped Covers for Pails, Breasts for Cans, Lips for Measures of any size, &c*

When about to make a copy from these diagrams the person should provide himself with a sheet of paper or tin-plate, and strictly follow the directions given.

Suppose, for example, that he is about to copy Fig. 1, the directions are, first, from the centre C describe a circle AB. Having described the circle AB, next, place the corner of the square on the centre C, and draw the lines CD and CE ; then draw the chord DE.

When the Tinman has become familiar with the diagrams, he will find them simple and convenient, and be better qualified to undertake work of a difficult character. If an Elbow at right-angles, of ten or fifteen inches diameter, should be required, with the directions and diagrams before him, he could cut it out in a few minutes ; and so with a curved elbow of any diameter, a semicircle, or an ellipses-shaped dish of any size. But without a rule or pattern it would be a difficult and troublesome undertaking.

Having by experience proved the correctness and usefulness of these Diagrams, I can confidently recommend them to all persons engaged in the manufacture of Tin Ware.

L. W. TRUESDELL. Owego, N. Y. Sept. 23, 1860.

Extract Of A Letter From A Tinman. Mr. Butts,-

Dear Sir, - "Your 'Tin/nun's Manual' strikes me as being nearer what we want in our business, than anything I have ever seen, - and I have examined every thing of the kind I have been able to find. The best we have been able to do has been to pick up what ideas we could from works on Geometry and Building, and work out what rules we could from them. I have often wondered why some person did not undertake just what you have done. This work of yours supplies just the want that every thinking man who works at the business has felt, even from his first start ; and the want ill more sensibly felt as he growsolder, and finds how much there is to learn."

• In Tinman's Diagrams the allowance for locks is always omitted.

Rules With Diagrams For Workers In Tin, Sheet Iron And Copper, And Tables Giving The Diameters, Circumferences, And Areas Of Circles, And The Contents Of Each In Gallons