Age: 12-14 Years

The sleeve type hung on to an expansion of the slip-bodice type combines as a coat suitable for a child of six years (Diag. 74).

The stitchery and construction used for this seam appeals by its quality of expectancy, very specially in the 13th year, and precedes as an exercise in machining for the more advanced motor control required in the finishing of bottom hems, wristbands, neckbands, etc., later on.

Lesson II French Or Bodice Seam Boy s Coat 89

Diag. 74.


Place the raw edges together, wrong side facing wrong side.

Tack fully 1/6 inch beneath these edges : then run with the hand or machine-stitch.

Method 90

Diag. 75.

Remove tacking thread and turn the raw edges to the inside.

Tack again about 1/4 inch from the double-folded edge, and back-stitch or machine-stitch, along by the tacking thread (Diag. 75).

This seam should always be used in joining material that frays easily. In all skirts, pinafores, and blouses it is a very valuable seam.