It has been thought advisable to give the particulars of various materials suitable for the work suggested in the foregoing chapters, with names of the manufacturers, for the convenience of readers.

Calico in white and unbleach, and coloured casement cottons, may be had in excellent quality almost anywhere, and there is no need to specify any maker; but for cotton materials and linens in colour, the most durable are to be had from the various agents of Messrs. Alexander Morton & Co., whose many and beautiful Sundour Fabrics are absolutely fast to both sunlight and washing. These range in price from is per yard upwards, and are excellent for household use and for dresses.

The agent for these fabrics in Canada is : G. Kitchen, c/o A. Morton & Co., Empire Buildings, Wellington St., Toronto; and in New York: Messrs. Witcombe-McGeachin & Co., 874, Broadway.

A great choice of flannels at low prices may be had from Messrs. Pryce Jones, Ltd., Newtown, North Wales, and Calgary, Canada.

Linen sheetings and roller towelling of all kinds, and also coloured linens, may be got at very low prices and in most excellent quality from Messrs. Murphy and Orr, Donegall Street, Belfast.

We take this opportunity to mention the only variety of flannelette which is not highly inflammable. The fatalities due to the use of flannelette as usually sold are very numerous, and there is considerable underestimation on the part of the public as to its danger. Flannelette will not ignite if laid flat on the table, but if the flame catches it in a vertical position it runs up it with great rapidity and is most dangerous. W. H. Perkin, Ph.D., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry to the University of Manchester, has produced an absolutely non-inflammable variety, known as NONFLAM, which may be had from drapers, or at 3, Piccadilly, Manchester, at about one penny per yard more than the ordinary flannelettes.

A very good cotton fabric, known as Celtic Canvas, which is very suitable for curtains, coverlets, and dresses, is to be had in unbleach and colours from Messrs. Brown and Beveridge, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow ; it is very wide - 72 to 100 inches - and costs from is 6d. upwards. This firm also supplies a beautiful thick, dull-finished embroidery silk, known as Tyrian, in beautiful colouring - especially suited for work on velvet or for large bold designs. They are also agents for Sundour Fabrics.

Coloured embroidery cotton may be had in a large range of colours from any agent for Messrs. Clark & Co., Paisley; it is made in various thicknesses and is known as "Coton a Broder," and is specially recommended for the work in the elementary scheme in this book.

A very excellent range of woollen yarns, suitable for the elementary needlecraft scheme and for knitting, is to be had from Messrs. J. & J. Baldwin, Halifax, England. These may be had in both hanks and in penny balls, under the name of White Heather Scotch Fingering. The balls are of a thickness suitable for mending and for embroidery.

A very fine range of colours in rug wools may be had from this firm, which are excellent also for large bold embroidery work.

Embroidery silks of all kinds may be had from Messrs. Jas. Pearsall & Sons, Little Britain, London, and are easily got at their agencies anywhere. Mallard, Cable, and Filo Floss silks are specially recommended for embroidery work, and may be had in a very large range of colours.

Scientific needles may be had from Messrs. Kirkby Beard & Co., Redditch. Small and large darners and crewel needles may be had from any needle manufacturers.

Teachers and those who are far from large towns would find it of immense assistance to have shade cards from these makers from which to choose and order materials.