Infants . . .

6-7 years

I. Tacking

Tray cloth or small mat

Coloured embroidery thread, No. 16 Unbleached calico, 12" x 9", or 12" x 12"

Needles, No. 2, sharps (Scientific)



Junior 11. . .

7-7 1/2 years

I. Top-sewing

Small bag Handkerchief case Making of cords

Coloured embroidery thread, No. 16 Unbleached calico, 12" x 9", or 12" x 12" Needles, No. 2, sharps (Scientific)

1 1/2d.


7 1/2-8 ,,

II. Large Hemming, i.e. tacking in slanting direction


Coloured embroidery thread, No. 16 Unbleached calico, 12" x 9", or 12" x 12" Needles, No. 2, sharps (Scientific)

1 1/2 d.

III. Tacking

Unbleached calico, 36" wide, 36" x 18" (two out of 1 yard)

4 1/2 d.

Junior I. . .

8-9 years

I. Sew and fell (large combination)

Cushion slip or nightdress bag

Coloured embroidery thread, No. 18 Unbleached calico, 36" x 12" (36" wide) Coloured calico, 36" X 6" (30"-31" wide)

(two pieces) No. 3 sharps (Scientific needles)


II. Tacking has become smaller, i.e. running

Sash curtains

Unbleached calico, 1 yard Coloured calico, \ yard


Senior III. . .

9-10 years

I. Pleating

1. Overall or cooking apron

I. Unbleached calico, 1 1/2-2 yards Coloured calico, 1/3 yard Coloured embroidery thread, No. 20 No. 5, sharps (Scientific)

Is. Id.

II. Herring-boning Single darning, i e. finer tacking Sewing on of tapes Pinking

II. Needlecase

II. Flannel

Coloured embroidery thread, No. 20 No. 5, sharps (Scientific), or fine mend-yarn with small darning needles Linen and tape, ribbon or braid

2 1/2d.

Senior II. . .

io-ii years

I. Flannel seams

I. Infants3 first jacket Turn-over collars

I. Flannel - cream or coloured (two out of

1/2 yard) Embroidery thread, No. 30, or mending yarn Needles, No. 5, sharps (Scientific), or small darning needle

5 1/2d.

II. Button - holing (known as blanket , and embroidery stitch)

II. Bookmarkers

II. III. Linen - embroidery

Thread, No. 30, needles, No. 5, sharps

1 1/2d.

III. Chain-stitching: stitching (merely a vertical buttonhole stitch)

III. Mats, etc.

IV. Flannelbinding

IV. Kettle-holder or child's vest

IV. Flannel, any colour Tape, braid, or ribbon

2d. $d.

V. Single darning (fine tacking)

Senior I. . .

11-12 years

(qualifying class)

I. Darning (weaving)

I. Runners, mats, book-covers, bags

I. Linen, serge, any kind of woven material Ordinary worsted thread


II. Strengthening strip

II. Pocket or overall pinafore, such as djibbah

II. Flannel, cotton, or linen

Tapes, braids, or a strip of another material


III. Run and fell. Counter hem. Buttons and button-holes. Tucking, gathering, stroking, and setting in

III. Slip bodice. tucker or collar

III. White calico, 1 yard ; No. 6, between (Scientific) ; four-six buttons. No. 40 thread, white embroidery thread



12-13 years

I. Eyelet-holes

I. Blouse (from the slip bodice pattern of the Qualifying Stage) with type for sleeve and yoke

I. Print, fine serge or unbleached calico, etc. (2 1/4-3 yards, depending on width of material) Needles, No. 6, betweens ; No. 36 or 40 thread

Is. 3d-~$s. 6d.

II. Sewing on hooks and eyes

II. Nightdress (from the slip bodice pattern with expanded sleeve) or

II. A. White calico, or unbleached nun's veiling (bleached flour bags at 3d. each ; four make a nightdress)

B. Union (wool and cotton mixed)

C. Flannelette (Dr. Perkin's non-flam.,

4 1/2-6 yards)


III. Gussets(double, single)

III. Overall (from the slip bodice pattern with modified sleeve), or

III. Any of the standard cotton materials

(2 1/2-3 1/2 yards)


IV. Patching,mending, darning

IV. Child's coat with sleeve from type.

IV. Unbleached calico, holland and coloured linen ; button moulds, mending yarn ; ordinary sewing cotton, No. 6, between (1 1/2-2 yards)

is. 6d.2S.

V. Machining

V. Baby's caps, dust caps, aprons, casement curtains (all to illustrate the various kinds of patching)

V. Any oddments of material


13-14 years

I. Piping

I. Type for petticoat or skirt (housemaid's dress with slip bodice type above), or pinafore dress (skirt and bodice like djib-bah or chemise)

I. White calico or any of the standard coloured materials. Print, lustre, flannel (21/2-5 yards)

is. 6d.-5s. 6d.

II. Marking

II. Type for drawers

1. Baby's pilch - all seat, no legs

2. Girl of 6 years - 3/4 seat, 3/4 width at knee 3. Girl of 14 years - § seat, | width at knee 4. Woman's size - | seat, 2/3 width at knee

Any of the standard cotton or flannel materials

1. \ yard

2. 1 yard

3. 1 1/2-if yards

4. 1 3/4-2 1/2 yards

642s. 6d.

different kinds of material

IV. Machining