Age: 10-11 Years

The mats, collars, etc., form a base for chain-stitching, which is practically button-hole stitch worked in vertical fashion, for protecting folded instead of raw edges.

The interest of this stitch lies not only in the association of the expanded mechanism of button-hole stitchery and the purpose of strength beneath, but the pattern-making instinct of the child responds to the variety, and in experimental work at this period, marking of initials is discovered in varied, imitative design.

The utilitarian necessity is beginning to be appreciated through Art.


Work vertically. Hold the work over the first finger and keep down with the thumb and second finger ; bring the needle through to the right side, hold thread down under the left thumb, insert the needle in exactly the same place as the thread came out; take up sufficient material to form the size of the stitch desired, keeping the needle to the right-hand side of the thread and draw towards the worker to form the first chain stitch.

Repeat by placing the needle into the same hole that the thread came out of, as in Diag. 40.

This stitch has many possibilities in the construction and decoration of material.

Diagram 36 illustrates a pattern in chain stitch.