; running Age 8-9 Years

One yard of 36-inch wide, unbleached calico, 3d. to 6d. per yard, will give three strips, each 36 inches X 12 inches ; one yard of 30-inch wide dyed calico, 6d. per yard, will give three strips, each 36 inches x 10 inches. Needles, No. 3 "Scientific" sharps. Thread, No. 18 coloured cotton embroidery thread. Cost, 4d. to 5d.

This Cushion Slip or Night Dress Bag introduces combination of material, construction, and stitchery (Diag. 8).

The period is a very brilliant groping one with the hand, which tests as it proceeds, is rejoiced with the combined material, the combined stitchery, and gropes cheerfully, if not surely, with the sew and fell construction.

Assuredly combination is the first element of all creation, for henceforward children experiment freely in folding material, and anticipate seams such as counter-hem and run and fell. (This, we continually find in independent work.)


Allow the child to lay a single fold \ inch deep down the long edge of the coloured calico, and a single fold 1/2 inch deep down the long edge of the unbleached calico (Diags. 9 and 10).

Method 11Method 12

Place the folds together with the raw edges on the inside and tack.

Commence top-sewing by inserting the needle through one fold, next the worker, leave a thread end the length of a thumb nail along the top and catch it securely in as the sewing proceeds (Diag. 11).

Method 13

Then flatten out with a thumb nail or "bone flattener" and "Fell" (hem), after turning up the 1/2 inch fold, for about 1/4 inch (Diag. 12).

This leads to the construction of run and fell later without breaking the child's continuity of gradual development.

An extra exercise for practice is a suggestion for curtains (Diag. 13).


The false hems are run (small tacking) and then turned over to the right side and hemmed down (Diag. 14) or tacked with one or two rows, according to the child's fancy.

Method 14Method 15

It is astonishing how quickly the children trained methodically to observe and compare can record those observations in cutting out.

The waistband follows; depth and width being allowed for, the proportion is taken, which (being approximately double the neck) interests and stimulates the child to test the proportion of other parts of the body.

A valuable groundwork is being prepared for the awakening between 11 and 12 years.