Age: 14-18 Years; 18-24 Years

Border patterns are the best suited for the designer as the preliminary exercises in planning embroidered decoration, and at first all such decoration should be made with a ruler on straight lines only, vertical or horizontal. Squared paper may be used as a convenience in measuring.

Lesson V Designing With Straight Lines 170

Diag. 164.

Lesson V Designing With Straight Lines 171

Diag. 165.

The student must above all bear in mind the method of stitchery she wishes to adopt, and plan her design that it may be well suited for this. Infinite variety may be achieved with lines and checks, and small powder-ings over vacant spaces, but all such lines must at first run parallel with warp and weft of the material, and it is advisable that at first the stitches

Lesson V Designing With Straight Lines 172Lesson V Designing With Straight Lines 173

Illustrations of Students' Work. 171• used should follow in order those learned in the earliest exercises, so that the student may learn the scope and adaptability of these stitches.

Lesson V Designing With Straight Lines 174

Diag. 168.

Lesson V Designing With Straight Lines 175

Diagrams 164-167 are carried out entirely with the " Tacking Stitch," while the hanging pocket (Diag. 168) introduces the hemming and top-sewing stitches as part of the decoration.

Diagrams 169, 170, and 171, show corners of a cushion, mat, and sideboard cover, and introduce diagonal lines as well as the perpendicular and horizontal ones, and here the herringbone stitch is introduced.

It cannot be too emphatically urged that the student should give herself plenty of practice in these straight-line designs, as herein lies the fundamental plan for making any good pattern on woven texture. Too many diagonal lines are not advisable, they give a restless effect, and are difficult to work on the cross of the material. The best design is that which abides by and insists upon the limitations imposed by the difficulties in working the material.

Lesson V Designing With Straight Lines 176