Age : 12-14 Years

Lace is ornament superimposed. It does not grow out of the structure ordinarily speaking. And to appreciate the simple, well-directed effort that results in honest, well-finished work, implies a muscular development of the eye which shows itself in the knowledge of beautiful form. This forbids bad ornament, or good ornament in the wrong place.

Strong, simple-patterned knitted lace used on household or personal belongings should be over-seamed. It is of no consequence whether this be done on right or wrong side (Diag. 112). Very fine or very narrow lace may be laid flat on the article and run (Diag. 113).

After the fourteenth year, when the consciousness of beauty impels to many devices, the expansion, whether top sewn or run, must suit the purpose and the occasion.

Lesson XII Sewing On Of Lace 132Lesson XII Sewing On Of Lace 133

Note that the beginnings and finishings are quite secure and neat.