A facing is a fold placed on the edge of a garment to take the place of a hem.

Facings are frequently cut on the bias. Garments are usually faced on the wrong side.

Materials. - The materials required for learning to make facings are: A dress or petticoat requiring a facing; a facing three or four inches wide and of the desired length; sharp needles; cotton; scissors; ruler or tape measure.

1.   Turn the garment right side out.

2.   Place the right side of the facing to the right side of the garment (edges exactly even).

3.  Hold the facing towards you, being careful not to full it.

4.   Baste one-fourth of an inch below the edge with uneven basting.

5.   Sew with a backstitch and one running stitch directly below the basting.

6.   Take out the basting threads.

7.   Fold it over on the wrong side, being careful to keep the seam on the edge, but do not let it show on the right side.

8.   Place the skirt flat on the table and baste it through the middle of the facing with uneven basting.

9. Turn down the opposite edge of the facing one-quarter of an inch and baste it close to the edge with even basting.

1.0. Hem or slip-stitch according to the material.

11. Press the edge of the facing with a cool iron. Do not move the iron rapidly, but allow it to rest for a short time on the place to be pressed.