It is not enough to know what is healthful clothing but it is necessary to put these ideas into practice. If you can honestly say, "Yes" to each of the questions below you have good clothing habits.

1. Do I wear low heeled shoes?

2. Are my shoes large enough?

3. Are my shoes the right shape to fit my feet?

4. Are my stockings long enough?

5. Do I fasten my stockings without rolling them too tightly or using tight garters?

6. Do I wear clothing that permits me to move around freely?

7. Are my waistbands loose enough to be comfortable?

8. Am I careful to take my rubbers off when I am in the house? •

9. Do I always remember to take off my coat or sweater when I am indoors?

10. Do I wear clothing that is not too warm so that I do not get overheated?

11. Do I change my shoes and stockings when I get my feet wet?

12. Do I keep moving when my clothing is damp and I can not change to dry clothing?

13. Do I take reasonable precautions not to get my clothing wet?

14. Do I always remember to hang my underclothes where they can air at night?

15. Do I always hang my nightgown up during the daytime?

16. Do I remember to put on a coat or sweater when I am overheated from exercise and stop to rest?

17. Do I change my underclothing once or twice a week or oftener?

18. Do I hang my coats and dresses out to air occasionally?

19. Do I select sensible clothing for summer?

20. Do I help my little brother or sister to acquire right clothing habits?

21. Do I answer cheerfully when reminded of how to dress? Helpful Books to Read. - In preparing a report on a topic about health and clothing you will find it helpful to read some of the following books and magazines.

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