To The Girls Who Use This Book 2

Your Clothing and Housekeeping Problems. - Every girl has certain problems in regard to her own clothing. She wishes to dress attractively and to keep her clothing clean and in good order, she desires to wear the right clothing to keep her healthy, sometimes she may plan how her dresses are to be made and she may help to buy or make her new clothing when it is needed. Every girl also has certain housekeeping responsibilities that are her own. She keeps her own room in order and she may help with the weekly cleaning.

A Survey of Your Clothing Problems. - As girls grow older they begin to assume more responsibility for their own clothing. It will be a good plan for you to make a survey of your own responsibilities with regard to your clothing. Answer the questions below and compare your answers with the answers of other girls. How many of these things do you think a girl of your age should be able to do? Can you think of other things that a girl might do? Add them to the list below.

1. Can you use the sewing machine

2. Can you plan a dress that is becoming in design and color to yourself?

3. Can you make underwear and dresses for yourself?

4. Can you select suitable material for your clothing?

5. Can you tell whether material is durable and serviceable?

6. Can you mend the holes in your stockings?

7. Do you know how much money should be spent for your clothing?

8. Do you know how to remove spots and stains from your clothing?

9. Do you know enough about laundering so that you can help your mother?

10. Do you wear healthful clothing?

Your Housekeeping Problems. - Make a survey of your housekeeping problems just as you did with your clothing problems and find out how these compare with those of the other girls in the class. Answering the questions below will help you to do this. What other things can you add to this list?

1. Do you keep your room in order?

2. Can you make your bed properly and quickly?

3. Do you know the best way to clean your own room every week?

4. Do you assume your share of responsibility in keeping the bathroom clean?

5. Do you know how to arrange your room attractively and conveniently?

6. Do you know how to hang pictures correctly?

7. Do you know how to select and plan attractive curtains?

8. Can you select good wall paper?

9. Do you know how to furnish a bed properly?

10. Do you know how to select an artistic lamp and where to place it?

How This Book Will Help You. - Some of the things that we have listed you may already know how to do, but will want to know better ways of doing them. Other things you will wish to learn how to do. As you grow older you will wish to assume many responsibilities with regard to your clothing and to take a larger share of housekeeping responsibilities. It was to help you in just such purposes that this book was written.

How to Use This Book. - If you are to be successful in your study of this book it will be necessary for you to keep certain things in mind. 1. As you read over an assignment that your teacher has made, you will generally find a number of questions that should be answered. Do not merely read these questions but think out your answers carefully. Write the answers so that you will be sure to have them at the next class meeting.

2. Be sure that you study the pictures and diagrams carefully. Each picture will help to explain an idea to you and it will be worth while to study it thoughtfully. Certain pictures show the right and wrong ways to do things. When you look at these pictures do not make up your mind the first instant as to which is the right one. Read the text and think about the pictures before you decide. For example, see page 63.

3. Many extra problems and projects to do at home and at school are suggested in this book. You will make most progress in your clothing and housekeeping problems if you do as many of these extra things as you can, especially those that are suggested for home work. Read the suggestion on page 14.

4. Much of your success will depend on your keeping up-to-date with your work. If you find that you are behind the other girls in your class, try to find out why you do not work as fast as they do. There are suggestions throughout the book that will help you to keep up-to-date. For example, read "General Inspection for Speeding Up"on page 52.

5. You will find various criticisms and inspections that will help you to keep your work up to a good standard and to be an independent worker. See "Inspection of French Seams" on page 44. These criticisms and inspections are meant to help you find your own mistakes. If you use these criticisms and inspections, they will help you to improve your work.

6. It gives every one a great deal of satisfaction to know when they have done their work well. Many tests and checkups have been included in this book so that you can find out what progress you are making. When you find that you can not do some of the tests correctly you should give additional study to the topics that you did not understand, and then test yourself again to see if you have really learned them.