The More Advanced Pupils May Be Divided Into Four Grades In Plain Sewing, With Special Classes For Button-Hole Making, Millinery, And Embroidery Work.

First Grade

Unbleached cotton undergarments. Colored flannel skirts, and towels. Long-sleeved, dark-colored aprons.

Second Grade

Half-bleached cotton undergarments. Gray flannel skirts, and handkerchiefs. Light-colored calico aprons.

Third Grade. (The Pupils Do Their Basting.)

Bleached Cotton Undergarments Trimmed With Ruffles. Plain White Flannel Skirts, And White Tiers.

Fourth Grade. (The Pupils Do The Cutting.)

Bleached Cotton Undergarments Trimmed. White Flannel Skirts Feather-Stitched, And White Aprons.

Fifth Grade

Dressmaking and machine-stitching.

Millinery and embroidery classes.

When a pupil is ready to make button-holes in a garment, she should go into the button-hole class, where she is also taught to sew on buttons, first practising on the stamped buttons. On the completion of garments the pupils should be allowed to buy them for a small sum. Class bags, plainly marked, should be provided, and also individual bags labeled by a tag fastened to the tape.