In a large school it is necessary to have a test class, in which the pupils are examined as to their ability and proficiency.

Preparatory Department. ("Educational Sewing Squares" In Use.)

Overcasting of the squares and running of the designs, followed by the same stitches on basted patchwork.

Stitching of the designs, and the stamped, overhanding stitch on the cloth; stitching or overhanding of the squares together.

The overhanding together of the covers of a silk needle-book. If silk or some fine material is used, the children make greater efforts, also if the completed article is to be given to them.

The blanket-stitch on the squares, and on pieces of flannel for leaves of the needle-book.

The stamped, hemming stitch on the cloth, and then on cheap handkerchiefs.

Stitching the seams of a small bag made of nice material.

Overcasting the seams of the bag.

Hemming of the bag.

Catch-stitching on canvas, then on the outside seams of the bag, with bright-colored embroidery silk. The bag on completion is given to the pupil.

Darning over card-board.

Doll's clothes.