Sewed by overhanding.


Same as for Binding No. I, with the larger piece of cloth gathered for overhanding to a binding (page 41).

Fig. 40.

Fig. 40. - Showing gathers overhanded, with needle in position


1. Mark the middle of the band by a cross-stitch, and cut off the corners, as in Fig. 37.

2. Crease the four edges of the band.

3. Double each end, and beginning at the corners, overhand both ends.

4. Baste the lengthwise edges together.

5. Pin the middle of the band at the middle of the right side of the gathers.

6. Pin the ends of the gathers and band together.

7. Draw up or loosen the gathering thread, until it is of the same length as the band, and fasten around the pin.

8. Arrange the gathers with the needle, and put in pins vertically every two inches.


1. Holding the band towards you, overhand the gathers to the band placing a stitch in each gather.

2. Take out the pins, as you come to them.

3. Fasten the gathering thread.

For what is a binding used? In what three ways can a binding be sewed on? How can the middle of the band be marked? What should be done to the corners of the band? Why? Where should the gathered piece and band be pinned together? What should be done to the gathering thread? How is it fastened? How should the gathers be adjusted? How basted? Where and how should the gathers be stitched? How is the band prepared for hemming? Where should the band be pinned? How is the band basted? What should be done at each end? Where should the hemming stitches be taken? When is a binding cut lengthwise? What should be done to the ends of a band before setting-in the gathers? How should the band be basted to the gathers? What letter should the stitch resemble? How can a band be strengthened, where buttons are to be placed?