Teachers should be careful that the pupils do not strain their eyes by working in a poor light. On dark days, talks, which are of great assistance and benefit may be given on relevant subjects, as needles, thread, cotton, wool, silk and linen, their manufacture and use (see page 222), and on the making of garments. A dark day may also be employed in teaching the pupils to make knots, including square and bow-knots.

A shopping expedition will greatly interest the pupils, for instance: - "What kind of a store shall we visit to purchase our sewing materials?" "What shall we buy?" "How much material shall we get for a bag, apron or skirt?" "What kind of material?" "Why?" "Are we ready to go home?" "O, no, we must have other things." Mention them; tell why different numbers of needles are needed for different materials, etc. Question on the difference in the quality of materials, and explain that a good quality is generally cheaper in the end.