A scalloped edge is used as a fancy heading for fulness.


No. 8 needle, No. 60 thread, a strip of soft woollen cloth, and strong silk or thread to match in color.

1. Fold one of the lengthwise edges five-eighths of an inch from the edge, and baste close to the raw edge.

2. On the wrong side, and beginning at the right-hand end, mark the outer edge of the fold into inches with a colored pencil.

Fig. 33.

Fig. 33. - Showing a scalloped edge.

3. Half-an-inch below the outer edge of the fold, and beginning half-an-inch from the right-hand end, make another row of dots one inch apart. These dots should be midway between those of the upper row.

4. Make a good-sized knot, and inserting the needle at the upper right-hand dot, take small running stitches, slanting up and down, from dot to dot (Fig. 33).

5. Carefully draw up the thread every few inches.

For what is a scalloped edge used? What kind of stitches are taken?