The principal work of the last grade in this system of sewing and garment cutting is the drafting, cutting, and making of an infant's outfit and of a dress for a young girl. The latter is usually the graduating dress of the pupil, and is of Victoria lawn or some other fine white goods. This gown is in every way perfectly simple, and involves only the basic principles of dressmaking. More than this would open a field quite beyond the scope of the present work, which, as has been stated, is, first of all, educational; its chief purpose being to make the pupil so thoroughly mistress of her mind and hand that she is able to undertake with ease and with success any of the various branches of needlework, such as tailoring, dressmaking, fine sewing, or art work.

Since one of the foundation principles of the system is exactness and thoroughness, it has not been deemed advisable to introduce fancy work of any sort, as it would be quite impossible to give adequate instruction in this or any other lines of advance needlework in a text-book of this kind. It is nevertheless true, that a pupil who has taken the entire course indicated in this book will have become so complete a mistress of the needle and of the fundamental principles governing its use, that the technicalities of any particular line can be easily and quickly mastered. More than this, as the pupil has learned, in each instance, to combine and to separate, it will be easy for her to differentiate results indefinitely. This is demonstrated in the miss's waist of this grade, which is simply the straight, curveless garment of a child, transformed by slight changes into one suited to a developed girl.

While the graduating dress and the infant's outfit form the principal work of this grade, the first work is the linen patch. This model is the finest and most difficult needlework in the course; and when it can be executed with neatness the pupil is mistress of the needle, and can with care readily acquire the technicalities of any special department of needlework.