The lower part of this sewing apron is like the one already described. For the upper part, take a measure from the highest part of the shoulder to the waist, and another from one arm to the other across the fullest part of the chest. The first measure is used for length, and the other for width. Fold the goods to be used lengthwise, and cut an oblong piece according to the measures. Curve the upper part for the neck. Turn a quarter-inch hem along the sides, and face the neck curve with a bias piece of the goods. Gather the lower part one-quarter of an inch from the edge, and stroke carefully. Draw the gathering-thread until it measures five inches, and fasten. Place the center of the gathers on the center of the apron band, and baste. Stitch, add a piece of finishing-braid, and hem down on both sides. Make a buttonhole in the right side of the apron band, and place a button on the left side. The upper part of this little apron is held in place by safety pins at the shoulder.

Questions And Answers

What is the third model of the fourth grade? Ans. A sewing apron.

How many measures are taken for this apron? Ans. Three - the waist measure, the length from the waist over the shoulder to the waist on the other side, and the length of the skirt of the dress less two inches.

How is the skirt of this apron cut? Ans. As long as the skirt measure, and thirty inches wide.

How is the waistband cut? Ans. Four and one-half inches wide, and one inch longer than the waist measure.

Why one inch longer than the waist measure? Ans. To allow for the lap.

How are the shoulder pieces cut? Ans. As long as the measure, and two and one-half inches wide.

How are they finished? Ans. With an inch-wide ruffle on each side, and around one end.

How much longer than the bands are these ruffles cut? Ans. One-third longer than the bands, with four inches added for the two ends, in which the buttonholes are placed.

How is the skirt finished at the bottom and sides? Ans. With a two-inch hem at the bottom, and a half-inch hem at the sides.

How is the skirt put onto the baud? Ans. First fold the two ends of the band together and mark. Then gather the skirt, and when the gathers have been stroked, baste the skirt so. that each side is three inches from the center of the band at the back.

How are the shoulder pieces placed? Ans. Put the two ends on in such a way that the edges meet in front, and hem them on the under side of the band. Cross in the back so that the piece from the left side of the front is buttoned on one and one-half inches from the right side of the back, and the other in the same way, one and one-half inches from the left side of the back.

How is the apron finished? Ans. With a button on the right side and a buttonhole on the left side of the belt.