This May Be Used Instead of the Emery Ball.

Materials: Carpet warp, 6 yards; large wooden needle; a loom.

Materials: Carpet warp, 6 yards; large wooden needle; a loom.

To make the loom: Take a smooth inch board 7"xl2"; draw lines across the board one inch from both ends; draw lines down both sides one-half inch from the edge, connecting the end lines. Drive in brads or wire nails with small heads three-eighths of an inch apart all the way around the oblong formed by the lines.

To weave the rug: Each girl will cut or tear her own carpet rags from discarded garments, etc., brought from home. These must be fresh and clean. Cut into strips from one-half to one inch wide that will thread into the needle. To sew the rags together lap one over the other about an inch, and fold the long way through the center once; back-stitch several times through the four thicknesses, making each strip about two yards long. Wind the warp on the nails as tight as possible; weave the rags over and under the warp threads. Stripes across the ends will add to the childern's interest. Teach warp, woof and selvage.

+A bag ornamented with the cross-stitch may be made instead of the silkoline bag.

§One pillow-case may be omitted and a pillow for the other case made instead. This will be stuffed with crumpled bits of tissue paper.