Third Year - Fifth Grade.


Sewing box or envelope case.

Pin cushion - 30 pins.




Thread cards.

Practice Piece - Unbleached muslin 9"xl2".

Order Of Exercises

Prepare Thread Cards - Cardboard 4"x4"designed and cut for four kinds of thread.

Exercise No. 21 - Patching Sampler - Hemmed Patch.

Exercise No. 22 - A Doll's Kimona.

Exercise No. 23 - Patching Sampler - Overhand Patch.

Exercise No. 24 - Basketry - Christmas Piece.*

Exercise No. 25 - A Garment Brought from Home to be Repaired.

Exercise No. 26 - Mitered Corner.‡

Exercise No. 27 - Napkin - Damask Hem.

Exercise No. 28 - A Pair of Sleeve Protectors.+

Exercise No. 29 - A Pin Cushion.

Exercise No. 30 - Textile Fibers and Fabrics - Cotton.

* ‡ + See Electives, page 37.

Detailed Description Of Exercises

Review the divisions of the inch.

Patching Sampler.

Materials: Gingham 8" warp, 13" woof; white thread No. 70; needle No. 7.

It is desirable that each girl cut the two patches and the two pieces to be patched from the same piece of cloth that there may be no difficulty in matching the pattern when patching or when later sewing the two patched pieces together.

Fold the piece of gingham, eight inches by thirteen inches, with the warp into three sections, two of them eight inches warp* by five inches woof, and the third eight inches warp by three inches woof. Fold the three-inch piece across the warp in the center for the two patches. Cut on the creases. Pin one patch to one of the large pieces, label with the girl's name and put it away for Exercise No. 23.