All Christmas gifts should represent the personal thought of the giver for the taste or need of the friend receiving it. Nearly all home keepers appreciate a useful, artistic thing for the home and no purchased gift can give the genuine pleasure experienced when one receives a gift made especially for her by a friend.

Towels Selected From The Work Of A Seventh Grade

Towels Selected From The Work Of A Seventh Grade.

Select from the following: Guest Towels:

These may be made from plain linen crash at eighteen to twenty-five cents per yard, or from huck toweling from twenty-five cents to a dollar. Use linen, never cotton for a towel. There are a great many ways of making them. A few suggestions follow:

(a) Plain, ladder or zig-zag hemstitched hem with fillet-crocheted or embroidered initial.

(b) Fillet insertion or edge.

(c) Embroidered design.

(d) Cross-stitch design in colors. Fancy Pillow Cases:

Pillow case tubing, one yard for each pillow. Finish with hemstitched hem, embroidery or crocheted insertion. Sofa Pillows:

Pillow covers that can be laundered are especially good. The neutral grays and tans and old blues harmonize with most color schemes. This exercise affords an excellent opportunity for original designs.