Gored Skirt 38

Waist Line


1st Side

2nd Side

3rd Side


Model 1 1/2.

..... 2 2/3

...2 2/3..

...2 2/3..

...2 1/2

Hip Line

2 1/4




........ 5 1/4

Take one-half the waist measurement in proportioning the skirt, and let one-third of this equal the back and front gores, the remaining two-thirds being equally divided among the three side gores. The front gore is one inch narrower than the back gore.

Take one-half the hip measurement in proportioning the skirt, let the hip measurement on front gore equal 3/4 of an inch more than front waist measurement; the hip measurement on back gore equal twice the measurement of back waist, and the balance number of inches equally divided among the three side gores.

With a 45-inch rule or yardstick, placed on these correct proportions found for the waist and hips, and draw lines as on 7-gored skirt, which proportions the width around bottom also.

Make bias side of first side gore, both sides of second side gore, and the straight side of back gore, equal the side dress length measurement.

The front hip equals 3/4 inch more than front waist.

Side hip equals 1 1/2 the side waist.

Back hip equals balance number of inches remaining from sum of front and the 3 side gore measurements at hip.

Finish as explained in previous skirt.