Measure around smallest part of waist.


Measure 6 inches below waist as for drawers.

Front Length

Place tape measure in center of front at lower edge of waist and measure to floor. Take length of front gore only, of dress worn, the difference between the two being subtracted from the remaining gores.

Side Lengths

Measure from lower edge of belt line at side over the fullest part of the hip to floor. Measure each hip, and in drafting use the longer measurement, which is often the right hip.

Back Length

Measure from lower edge of belt line from center of back to floor.

Skirts are divided into three parts, the front, back and side gores. There can be as many side gores as desired, being designated as 1st, 2d, 3d, etc.


This is the only skirt draft that is explained in detail, the succeeding patterns being worked out on these same principles, with the correct proportions given and the illustrations as guides. Notice specially the variations in lengths of each gore represented, i. e., "front," "side" and "back."

The full side length is measured on the side gore which is half way between front and back waist line, - each gore graduating in length and curve to equal the side it joins.