1.Bench vise8
2.Pipe grip for vise9
3.Swivel vise10
4.Speed lathe11
6.Engine lathe13
7.Center gage14
8.Pocket screw and wire gage15
9.Handy bench vise16
10.Combination square17
11.Uses of the combination square18
12.A quick adjusting micrometer19
13.Universal bevel protractor20
14.Uses of universal bevel protractor21
15.Grindstone truing device22
16.Set of tools and case23
17.The work bench24
18.Hook tool28
19.Parting tool28
20.Knife tool28
21.Right-hand side tool28
22.Internal tool28
23.Left-hand side tool28
24.Tool for wrought iron29
25.Tool for cast iron29
26.End view of drill31
27.Side view of drill31
28.Hack-saw frame35
29.Hack-saw blade35
30.Plain hook tool38
31.Plain straight tool38
32.Proper angles for tools39
33.Angles for tools39

p. x

34.Angles for tools39
35.Set of the bitt40
36.Correct angle41
37.Wrong angle41
38.Too low42
39.Improper set42
40.Internal set43
41.Set for brass43
42.Surface gage44
43.Uses of surface gage46
44.Rounded surface49
45.Winding surface49
46.Hexagon nut51
47.Laying off hexagon nut51
48.Cutting key-way52
49.Key-seat rule54
50.Filing metal round54
51.Filing metal round54
52.Making a round bearing55
53.Making a round bearing55
54.Cross section of file56
56.Correct file movement59
57.Incorrect file movement60
58.Belt lacing69
59.Belt lacing69
60.Belt lacing69
61.Belt lacing69
62.Bevel gears71
63.Miter gears71
64.Crown wheel71
65.Grooved friction gears71
67.Cone pulleys71
68.Universal joint71
71.Device for holding wheel73

p. xi

72.Rack and pinion73
73.Mutilated gears73
74.Shaft coupling73
76.Ball and socket joints75
77.Fastening ball75
78.Tripping devices75
79.Anchor bolt75
80.Lazy tongs75
81.Disc shears75
82.Wabble saw76
83.Continuous crank motion76
84.Continues feed76
85.Crank motion76
86.Ratchet head76
87.Bench clamp76
88.Helico-volute spring77
89.Double helico-volute77
90.Helical spring77
91.Single volute-helix77
92.Flat spiral or convolute77
93.Eccentric rod or strap77
94.Anti dead-centers for lathes77
95.Plain circle95
97.Raised surface96
99.Depressed surface96
101.Forms of cubical outlines98
102.Forms of cubical outlines98
103.Forms of cubical outlines98
104.Forms of cubical outlines98
105.Shading edges99
106.Shading edges99
107.Illustrating heavy lines100
108.Illustrating heavy lines100
109.Lines on plain surfaces101

p. xii

110.Lines on plain surfaces101
111.Illustrating degrees102
112.Section lining103
113.Drawing an ellipse104
114.Perspective at angles106
115.Perspective of cube107
116.Perspective of cube107
117.Perspective of cube107
119.Using the protractor109
120.Section-lining metals110
121.Spur gears122
122.Miter gear pitch123
123.Bevel gears124
124.Laying of miter gears125
125.Sprocket wheel128
126.Simple lever129
127.Lever action130
128.The pulley132
129.Change of direction133
130.Change of direction133
131.Steam pressure135
132.Water pressure135
133.Prony brake141
134.Speed indicator142