It is a well known fact that magnetism is used to demagnetize a watch, and that frost is drawn out of a frozen member of the body by the application of snow. Heat is also drawn out of a burned hand by holding it close to the fire, then gradually drawing it away. The following experiment will show how a comparatively feeble electric current can undo the work of a strong one.

I once tried to electrocute a rat which was caught in a wire basket trap and accidentally discovered a painless method. I say painless, because the rodent does not object to a second or third experiment after recovering, and is apparently rigid and without feeling while under its influence.

To those who would like to try the experiment I will say that my outfit consisted of an induction coil with a 3/8-in. iron core about 3 in. long. The primary coil was wound with four layers of No. 20 wire and the secondary contains 4 oz. No. 32 wire, and used on one cell of bichromate of potash plunge battery. The proper amount of current used can be determined by giving the rodent as much as a healthy man would care to take. Fasten one secondary electrode to the trap containing the rat and with a wire nail fastened to the other terminal, hold the vibrator of the coil with your finger and let the rat bite on the nail and while doing so release the vibrator. In three seconds the rat will be as rigid as if dead and the wires can be removed.

Now connect your wires to the primary binding-posts of the coil and wind the end of one of around the rat's tail and start the vibrator. Touch the other terminal to the rat's ear and nose. In a few minutes he will be as lively as ever. --Contributed by Chas. Haeusser, Albany, N. Y.