245. Light a candle and leave it. Your intended mate will blow it out.

246. Blow out the candles of a birthday cake. If you extinguish all at once, you will be married within a year.

247. The number of birthday candles left unextinguished after you have blown once shows how many years your wedding is off.

248. Get a bow of ribbon out of a boy's cap and put it into your locket. The first boy that you cross water with thereafter will be the one you are to marry.. ...........................Southern Kentucky

249. In the telling of fortunes, the cards have the significations shown below:


ace - house or home. two - kiss. three - short space of time: 3 hours, 3 days, etc. four - pleasant crowd: dining, dance, extreme and "mushy" social pleasure. five - marriage, six - love. seven - jealousy.

eight - large number of love affairs. nine - you get your wish. ten - extreme love pleasures. king - somewhat gray elderly man. queen - rather blond woman. jack - rather blond young man.


ace - introduction. two - new things in your life. three - space of time longer than in hearts.

four - crowd: smaller or quieter than in hearts. five - ring at bell, knock at door, etc. six - ride in carriage, motor, etc. seven - journey on water. eight - business transaction. nine - sure luck (best in deck). ten - long journey. king - elderly rather dark man. queen - rather dark woman. jack - rather dark man.


ace - a letter. two - very good luck.

three - three pieces of good fortune together. four - pleasant crowd, less extremely so than in hearts. five - diamond ring. six - money. seven - conversation. eight - more money than six. nine - disappointment. ten - more money than eight. king - elderly, very white-haired man. queen - extremely blond woman. jack - young blond man.


ace - a strange bed. two - trouble: lie, angry words, etc. three - long period of time: three years or more. four - crowd or sorrow: at accident, fire, etc.

five - sickness.

six - funeral, death.

seven - tears.

eight - strong drink, d.t.'s.

nine - disaster. Worst card in deck.

ten - loss (not necessarily extreme like other tens). king - elderly, extremely dark man. queen - extremely dark woman. jack - extremely dark young man.

250. Fortunes told with cards should involve the use of a new deck.

251. A woman that loves a cat will be an old maid.

252. If you give a black cat a piece of pickle and it eats it, the first man the cat goes to you will marry.

253. To meet a black cat with green eyes is a sign that your sweetheart is likely to quarrel with you.................................Western Kentucky

254. If you tie a knot in a cedar limb and name it and it grows, the person it is named for loves you.................................Western Kentucky

255. If you walk across a cellar door or a cellar grating you will never be married.

256. The falling back of a chair as you leave it means that you will not marry within a year.

257. If when you turn a chair over you let it lie until you count thirty, you will marry twice.....Mountains

258. If you turn over a chair in rising, begin to say the alphabet. The letter you pick it up on is the initial of your future life partner.

259. If you knock a chair over and some one begins to count, the number counted before you pick the chair up is the number of years before you will marry.

260. Bathe your hands, feet, and face in some water in which you have placed charcoal. You will find a lock of your husband's hair in one piece of the charcoal....................Western Kentucky

261. If your cheeks burn, your sweetheart is talking about you.

262. Name the chestnuts on a grate. The first one to jump shows which person loves you most.

263. If a girl soaks her bread or cake in her coffee, she will be an old maid.

264. If you look into a coffee pot, you will be an old maid.

265. In the grounds of a coffee cup the small lines that form a heart shape means a letter, a snake shape an enemy, a coffin a death, and a straight line peace and happiness.

266. If you find a four-leaved clover, put it into the bottom of your shoe. The first man you meet while carrying this clover in your shoe will be your husband.

267. "If a maid finds a four-leaf clover, On that day she will meet her lover.

She will know him by her beating heart,

For love is of each life a part."........Mountains

268. Put a four-leaved clover into your shoe, go to sleep, and you will see the one you are to marry...................................Southern Kentucky

269. If you find a four-leaved clover and place it in your left shoe, and then shake hands first with a person of your sex, you will never marry; if first with one of the other sex, that person is destined to be your mate.............................Blue Grass

270. If one finds three four-leaved clovers inside of three hours, the third person he will see will be his future mate.............................Blue Grass

271. Different colors, such as red, blue, and the like, indicate the different states of love, for example bad, true, and so forth.

272. If a blue vein shows plainly on your nose when you are a baby, you will never see your wedding clothes ..................................Blue Grass

273. If you see a blue-eyed dog, your next sweetheart will be whiteheaded.....................Mountains

274. If you wear red, you will never wed... .Blue Grass

275. If you see a hen flying with a red tail, you will marry the next person that sees her.........Mountains

276. If you find a red ear of corn, you will be married within a year.

277. Count a hundred red ties; the man who has the onehundredth on will be your husband.

278. After you have counted a hundred boys with red neckties, the first boy you see with a blue tie on, you will marry; and the first boy you see with a white one on, you will love first.