464. If the first letter from a boy to a girl happens to be written with a pencil, they will not be married to each other.

465. If a person eats pickles, he is in love.

466. If a girl in love craves pickles, her love is returned. ............................Louisville Negroes

467. Your sweetheart will love you if you will sleep with his photograph under your pillow.

468. If you bury the photograph of a person whom you wish to love you, along with his hair, he will love you.

469. If you eat the point of a piece of pie first, you will be an old maid.

470. If a piece of pie is placed before you at the table with the crust toward you, you will be an old maid................................Western Kentucky

471. If you take the last piece of pie on a plate, you will get a handsome husband or a beautiful wife.

472. Push the corners of a sofa-pillow in. Name each corner. Strike the center of the pillow sharply with your fist. The corners that remain crushed in indicate which of the people love you.

473. If you pick up a pin pointed toward you, you will see your sweetheart that day.

474. If you pick up a pin lying at an angle, you will be kissed by your sweetheart......Central Kentucky

475. If you pick up a pin with its side toward you, you will see your sweetheart that day.

476. If a pin that is barely sticking into your dress is struck on the saying of the letters of the alphabet, the letter on which it falls out is the initial of your intended. 477. If while you are trying on a dress, a pin is caught to your petticoat, you will not marry that year........................................Blue Grass

478. Open all the doors and windows; stick nine pins in a row in the floor; pour water over them. If a cat comes in and licks up the water, and then if a man dressed in white or a woman passes the door, you will marry before you die. If a white coffin passes in front of the door you will die unmarried.

479. After you have taken a newly made quilt from the frame, toss a cat into it to make the quilt puff out. The girl that the cat goes towards will be married first...............................Mountains

480. At a party throw a cat into the middle of a quilt.

The girl toward whom it goes will be an old maid.

481. If you can walk seven railroad rails without falling off, you can marry anyone that you desire.

482. If you walk seven railroad rails without speaking, you will marry the first man you meet.

483. After you have walked ten railroad rails, the first girl you see with eyes of which the color is opposite to your own will be your future wife.

484. If you walk eleven rails of a railroad track without falling off, you will marry the first person of the opposite sex whom you meet.

485. If you walk eighteen rails on a railroad track without stepping off, you can get any man that you wish.

486. Walk twenty-one rails of a railroad track. Under the twenty-first will be a hair of the same color as that of your destined husband or wife.

487. Count the number of drops of rain from a roof or the like, to learn the number of years before you will marry.

488. If it is raining, walk backward nine steps; then under your heel you will find a hair. It will be the color of the hair of the one that you will marry..................................Southern Kentucky

489. If it rains while the sun is shining, turn over a stone, to find a hair the color of that of your destined mate.

490. When you find sunshine, rain, and rainbow together, look under a stone, to find a hair like that of your wife or husband.

491. If anyone fails to recognize you, you will be married.

492. Put names of girls (or boys) in the corners and in the middle of a rectangle. Let some one write on the reverse side these words, "love," "hate," "court," "kiss," "marry."

493. If you throw a kiss to a redbird, he will take it to your sweetheart.

494. If you see a redbird, you will see your sweetheart soon.

495. To hear a redbird singing is a sure sign that you will see your sweetheart before the end of the week.... ...........................Western Kentucky

496. After you see a redbird, the next person that you see will be your sweetheart.

497. If you eat nine redbuds in nine days, the ninth boy or girl that you meet will be your fate.. Mountains

498. "Make a rhyme, You'll see your fellow before half-past nine."

499. If you say something that rhymes or hear someone else say it, kiss your hand, and you will see your sweetheart in twenty-four hours.

500. When you accidentally make a rhyme in talking, count the words in the two rhyming lines. The resulting number is the number of the letter of the alphabet forming the initial letter of your destined mate's last name.

501. After you have accidentally made a rhyme and obtained the initial of your mate, count "first, last," to learn whether it is the initial of the Christian name or of the surname.

502. To put on any one's engagement ring is a sure sign that you will never have one of your own..........................................Blue Grass

503. Put a ring on a horsehair and start it knocking. The number of clear knocks denotes the year and the unclear knocks the months and days before you will be married.

504. Get a glass half full of water. Hold a gold ring over it with a hair. As many times as the ring strikes the glass, so many years will it be until you marry.

505. Put a ring on your finger and think of a color. The first man you meet with that color of tie on is your future husband.

506. If you sleep in a ring that someone has given you, you love that person better than God.

507. If you turn nine set rings and two signet rings, the first man you meet wearing a tie the color of the stone in the last ring turned will be your future husband.