424. If you find a snail before sunrise on May first, and place it on a plate of flour or meal, it will write your lover's name or initials.

425. If you look into a well on May Day you will see either a coffin or the picture of the man you will marry.

426. If on May Day at sunrise, you look into an open well, you will see the reflection of your prospective wife or husband.

427. Arise before breakfast without speaking a word on the first day of May, get a bridle from the barn, go to the spring, and say: "Here is a bridle; where is the horse and rider?" Repeat this three times. Then there will appear a man riding a horse without a bridle. This will be your destined husband.

428. On the first morning of May, place a tumbler of water in a window at the rising of the sun; let it remain all day. At sunset, look into the water. If you are to die an old maid or bachelor, a coffin will appear in the water.............Blue Grass

429. If you walk around a wheat field on the first day of May, you will meet your fate.

430. If you walk down steps backwards looking into a mirror, you will see your prospective husband or wife.

431. If you look at a mirror over someone else's shoulder, you will get a sweetheart.

432. Sleep with a mirror under your pillow, to see your future husband.

433. If you sleep with a mirror under your head for three consecutive nights, on the third night you will dream of the one you will marry.

434. If you count nine stars every night for nine nights and put a mirror under your pillow the last night, you will see in a dream the one that you are to marry .............................Mountains

435. Name one leaf each of mistletoe for a boy and a girl.

Place the leaves on a warm stove. If they hop towards each other, the two will marry; if they do not, there will be no marriage.

436. Put some mistletoe over a door. The first man that walks under it will marry the daughter of the house.

437. Hang a bunch of mistletoe over a door; the first person of the opposite sex who pauses under it will be your life partner.

438. On the first night of a new moon, take nine steps backward; then reach behind you and pick up a handful of grass or anything that happens to be there, and put it under your pillow that night. The next morning there will be a hair there the color of your lover's hair.

439. "New moon, true moon, Star in the stream, Pray tell my fortune in my dream".... Mountains

440. "New moon, true moon, a franklin free, If he be a true lover, send him unto me. May I know the color of his hair and of his eyes, And whether he be witless or whether he be wise". ..................................Blue Grass

441. Look at a new moon over your left shoulder and make this wish:

"New moon, new moon, let me see Who my future husband is to be; The color of his hair, The clothes he is to wear, And the happy day he is to wed me"...............................Western Kentucky

442. Bend a mullein stalk in the direction of your sweetheart's home. If the stalk grows straight again, he loves you.

443. White specks on the finger nails show the number of presents you will receive.

444. If you have a white mark on your little finger nail, you have a sweetheart.

445. You have as many sweethearts as there are white spots on your finger nails.

446. If you cut your nails on Saturday, you will see your sweetheart on Sunday.

447. If you cut your finger nails on Sunday, you will see your sweetheart before Monday.

448. Cut your finger nails for nine straight Sundays. On the ninth Sunday you will eat dinner with the one you are going to marry.

449. If you cut your nails for nine Sundays, you will marry whom you desire.

450. The first initial you pick up when eating noodle-soup is the initial of your married partner.

451. If your nose bleeds, you are in love.

452. If there is an old maid in the family, there will be one in the next generation.

453. If you eat onions on Saturday, you will not see your sweetheart on Sunday.

454. Fortunes are told by palmistry.

455. Before retiring, place under your pillow slips containing the names of three boys. Throw one slip out when you get into bed and another the next morning. The one left under the pillow will contain the name of your destined mate.

456. Before you go to bed at night, put some water in a pan, put each letter of the alphabet on a piece of paper into it, and place it under the bed. The next day the first letter on top shows the one you will marry.

457. Write the names of admirers on slips of paper and put them into a basin of water. The one that comes to the top of the water first will contain the name of the person that you will marry.

458. Write the names of three boys (or girls) on three pieces of paper, wrap them in bread crumbs, and drop them into a glass of water. The one that rises to the top first you will marry.

459. Write on separate pieces of paper the names of eleven boys, put these names into separate balls of mud, and put also one blank piece into a ball. Drop the balls into a bucket of water. The first one containing a name that comes to the top you will know to be the name of the person that you are to marry. If the blank piece comes to the top, you will not marry.

460. Write the names of certain persons on slips of paper, roll them up, and drop them into a pan of water. The slip that remains rolled up in the morning contains the name of the one that you will marry.

461. If you do not touch the end of the sidewalk in your walk, you will never be married......Blue Grass

462. Put the first pea that you find over the door. The first one who comes in, provided he is not a relative, will be the one that you will marry.... Mountains

463. In order to learn when one will marry, let the individual take a pea pod with nine peas in it and place it over the door. The first person of the opposite sex and unmarried who enters, the individual will marry within that year...............Mountains