1826. Eat a dozen onions before you go to bed, to become beautiful.

1827. Eat a pickle, to settle your love.

1828. If you eat the crust of bread, your hair will become curly.

1829. If you eat burnt bread, your hair will become curly.

1830. If you take the last biscuit on the plate, you will have to kiss the cook.1

1831. To take the last portion from a dish brings bad luck.

1 For other signs connected with taking the last biscuit, or the last but one, on a plate, see Divinations, numbers 227-231.

1832. If you drop a biscuit while taking the bread from the stove, a hungry person will call.

1833. If you drop a biscuit, you will marry a poor man..............................Western Kentucky

1834. It causes bad luck to break bread in anybody else's hand.

1835. If you break bread in your friend's hand, the act is said to bring bad luck.

1836. If you count the biscuits as you put them into the pan, they will not be good.....Central Kentucky

1837. If someone gives you a cake of yeast, do not thank him. If you do, the bread will not come.

1838. If you burn bread, you and Satan will have to pick that amount out of hell-fire.

1839. When the cook's bread burns, her husband is angry.

1840. The burning of bread shows that the cook is angry,

1841. If you burn the biscuits, your sweetheart is angry with you.

1842. If you burn the bread, your sweetheart is thinking of you.

1843. If you burn your bread, you may expect the arrival of a black-headed person............Blue Grass

1844. It brings bad luck to stir bread toward you.

1845. It causes good luck to stir the bread away from you.

1846. If bread or cake rises and then suddenly falls, the maker's digestion is bad.

1847. Bread should be set to rise before the sun rises.

1848. If you bake bread after the sun goes down, your bread will also go down.

1849. If the bread cracks open while you are baking it, there will be an increase in the family. . Mountains

1850. If you put too much soda into the bread, someone is coming............................Blue Grass

1851. A loaf of bread on its back means that a ship is in distress at sea.

1852. If you serve yourself to butter or bread when you already have butter and bread, someone is coming hungry.

1853. When you bake a cake, do not burn the egg shells until the cake has risen, but burn them then.

1854. Place egg shells on the top of the oven, to make the cake rise...........................Mountains

1855. In cake-baking if you burn the egg shells before the cake has risen, the cake will burn......Mountains

1856. If you bake a cake in the afternoon, it will sink as the sun sinks.

1857. If you bake a cake in the morning, it will rise as the sun ascends.

1858. Do not make a cake on a rainy day, for it will not rise well.

1859. It is a good sign to have a piece of pie point toward you.

1860. If a piece of pie is pointed toward you, you may expect a letter that day.

1861. If a piece of pie points half-way around, you may expect a letter the next day.

1862. If a piece of pie points more than half-way around, you may expect a letter later on.

1863. If you cut the point off a piece of pie and eat it last, you will get a letter.

1864. If the point of another person's piece of pie is directed toward you and the person begins eating his piece at this point, you will get a letter.

1865. It causes bad luck to begin eating pie at the point.

1866. If the crust end of a piece of pie is placed next to you, you will get a postcard.

1867. If in drinking you look above the rim of the glass, you are a flirt.

1868. If at the table you do not drink all your milk or water, you will be disappointed soon.......................................Southern Kentucky

1869. If you have water in your glass and pour more into it, there will be trouble.

1870. If you pour water into a glass that already contains water, you will quarrel with your mother-in-law.

1871. It brings bad luck to burn coffee.......Mountains

1872. It causes bad luck to stir the coffee pot with a knife or fork.

1873. "Stir with a knife,

Stir up strife."

1874. If you drink all the coffee from your cup, so that upon the turning of it over no drop comes out, you will cry later................Louisville Negroes

1875. If you can get a bubble off the coffee and drink it, you will receive money.

1876. If you fail to get a bubble off the coffee, you will lose money.

1877. Never drink a cup of coffee at five o'clock, or you will die............................Mountains

1878. After a meal if the coffee cup is left outside the saucer, there will be bad luck.........Mountains

1879. To leave coffee in a cup causes disappointment....................................Blue Grass

1880. The presence of tea grounds on tea is a sign of people coming.

1881. It causes bad luck to change places at the table.

1882. Do not cross hands with another at the table.

1883. It brings bad luck for two people at table to reach for the same thing at the same time.

1884. If two reach for bread at the same time, someone is coming hungry.

1885. If you sing at the table, you will miss your next visitor.

1886. "Sing before breakfast, cry before night."

1887. If you sing before breakfast, you will get a whipping before the week is gone.

1888. If you sneeze at the table, you will hear of a death before night.