Blue Heath (Bryanthus Caeruleus, Dip = Phyllodoce Caerulea, Dip = Menziesia Caerulea, Sm. = Bryanthus Taxifolius, A. Gray)

The habitat of this plant is heathy moors on Scotch mountains. The plant has the shrub habit. The plant is woody, much-branched, short, the branches tuber-cled, naked below, hairy above. The leaves are glossy, leathery, rigid, linear, blunt, spreading, shortly-stalked, crowded, the margins turned back, with a few small teeth, channelled above, without hairs. The leaf-stalks are glandular, hairy. The flowers are purplish-blue, few, drooping, in terminal, umbel-like corymbs. The sepals are ovate to lance-shaped, acute, glandular, downy. The corolla is pitcher-shaped, 5-lobed. The flower-stalks are terminal, simple, clustered. The purple anthers are not so long as the anther-stalks, which are not clothed with hairs. The ovary is glandular, downy. The plant is 4-10 in. in height. It flowers in June and July. It is a perennial shrub.

Ledum Palustre, L

The habitat of this plant is heaths. The habit is that of a shrub. The leaves are linear, oblong, blunt, with the margin much bent-back, and with a red felt below, as well as on the young shoots. The flowers are white, in terminal clusters. The corolla is wheel-shaped. The stamens project some length. The plant is 1-2 ft. in height, and flowers in June and July, being a perennial shrub.

Smaller Winter Green (Pyrola Minor, L.)

This plant is indigenous, found in mossy woods and thickets and heaths. The plant has more or less the rosette habit. The stem is ascending. The leaves usually form a rosette, and are numerous, but they may be alternate. They are leathery, round to ovate or oval, with scalloped margin, the blade narrowed to a long leaf-stalk. The flowers are white with a rose tint, borne on a slender scape, in short racemes, and are drooping, round, nearly closed. There are two lance-shaped or awl-like bracteoles. The calyx-lobes are ovate, acute. The petals are concave and close over the stamens. The ultimate flower-stalks are very short. The stamens are bent inwards, and as long as the short style, which is straight, with no ring below the stigma. The style does not lengthen in fruit. The rays of the stigma are large. The capsule is drooping. The plant is 8-12 in. high, flowering in June and July, and is a herbaceous perennial.