Rubus Dumnoniensis, Bab

The habitat of this plant is sandy places among rocks by the coast. The stem is strong and stout, furrowed, with a few short, stiff hairs at first. The prickles are crowded, long, straight, and slender. The leaflets are large, dark-green above, felted below. The panicle is pyramidal, large, the partial rachis and long flower-stalks covered with fine acicles or needle-like points. The petals are large, roundish, milky-white. The contrasting colours, crowded long prickles, large panicle and white handsome flowers help to distinguish this species, and it is nearest to R. incurvatus and R. rhamnifolius.

Scotch Or Burnet Rose (Rosa Spinosissima, L.)

The habitat of this plant is open places, especially near the sea, heaths, and sand dunes. The plant has the shrub habit, and is small, erect, bushy, much branched. The stem is erect, the branches compact and short. The prickles are many, crowded, unequal, passing into bristles and glandular hairs, awl-like, nearly straight. The leaves are slightly or not glandular, the 7-9 leaflets are simple, toothed, simply or doubly, small, hairless above, broad. The flowers are small, white or pink, 3 or more, with long-pointed, simple sepals, the calyx-tube hairless, the limb simple, without glands. The styles are free. The fruit is nearly round, with no disk, hairless, erect, black. The plant is 6-24 inches high, flowering from May to July, and is a deciduous shrub.

Rosa Rubella, Sm

The habitat of this plant is sands by the coast. It is a small spreading bush. The leaflets are simply or doubly toothed, elliptical to oval, rounded at the tip, hairless, without glands, rather acute. The leaf-stalks are long, densely glandular. The prickles are slender, straight, or acicles only. The flower-stalks are aciculate, hairy, glandular. The sepals are glandular on the back. The petals are cream-colour or reddish, the flowers 1 or 2. The styles are densely softly hairy. The fruit is egg-shaped, pitcher-shaped, tapered each end, hairy below, drooping when ripe, scarlet. The flowers and leaves are red-tinted.