Slender Bird's Foot (Lotus Angustissimus, L.)

The habitat of this species is dry banks near the sea. The habit is prostrate, then ascending. The stem is not wavy, and very hairy, dark-green, very slender. The leaflets and stipules are lance-shaped, acute, the former elliptic or blunt. The flowers are 1-2 on short flower-stalks, shorter than the leaves. The standard is broader than long, the claw linear, not so long as the wings, turning green. The fruit-stalk is twice as long. The calyx teeth are straight in bud, awl-like. The pods are 6 times as long as the calyx, linear. The seeds are rounded. The plant is 2-8 in. in height. Flowers may be found between June and August, and the plant is a herbaceous annual.

Hairy Annual Lotus (Lotus Hispidus, Desf.)

The habitat of this species is dry banks near the sea, sunny places, roadsides. The habit is prostrate, then ascending. The plant is loosely or softly hairy. The stems are slender. The leaflets are inversely egg-shaped, lance-shaped, elliptic, acute. The stipules are half-heart-shaped. The flowers are 3-4 on each stalk, the latter longer than the leaves, and the calyx teeth are awl-like, straight in bud. The standard is inversely egg-shaped, the claw awl-like, longer than broad, longer than the wings, and does not turn green. The pods are rough, round, twice as long as the calyx. The seeds are more or less kidney-shaped. The plant is 2-12 inches long, flowering from June to August, and is a herbaceous annual.

Smooth Vetch (Vicia Leavigata, Sm.)

This vetch is allied to V. lulea. The plant is hairless (hence laevigata). The flowers are blue or whitish. The calyx-teeth are unequal. The pods are smooth. Only a single specimen is known, that in Smith's herbarium. It is 6-15 in. high, flowering in June and July, and is a herbaceous annual.

Sea Pea (Lathyrus Maritimus, Big.)

The habitat of this plant is sea shingle, pebbly seashores, on the E. coast, pebbly beaches. The habit is vetch-like. The stem is angular, not winged. The plant is hairless, bluish-green. The rootstock is black, long, and stout. The stem is creeping below, prostrate. The leaflets are in 3-5 pairs, oval, oblong, alternate, or more or less opposite, nerved, large, blunt. The leaf-stalks are sometimes curved back. The tendrils are short. The stipules are leaflike, large, heart-shaped to egg-shaped, half spear-shaped, stalkless. The flowers are variegated, purple, turning blue, on stout stalks, with 5-10 flowers, shorter than the leaves. The ultimate stalks are shorter than the calyx. The bracts are small. The pod is hairless, swollen, bent back, straight. The 6-8 seeds are smooth, rounded, one-third surrounded by the hilum. The plant is 1-2 ft. high, flowering in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.