Annual Rest Harrow (Ononis rcclinata, L.) - Annual Rest Harrow is found in short turf near the coast, sandy places, sea cliffs. The habit is prostrate, or ascending. The plant is spreading, hairy, clammy, branched. The leaflets are inversely egg-shaped, wedge-shaped, acutely toothed at the tip. The stipules are large, half-egg-shaped. The flower-stalks are 1-flowered, slender, jointed below the flower, shorter than the leaves, the flowers or pod bract less. The flowers are rose-colour in the axils. The corolla is as long as the calyx. The pod is glandular, hairy, as long as, or longer than, the calyx, cylindrical, oblong, bent back (hence reclinatd). The seeds are 14-18, tuberculate. The plant is 1-6 in. high, flowering from May to July, and is a herbaceous annual.

Seaside Clover (Trifolium maritimum, Huds. = T. squamosa?)!, L.). - The habitat of this plant is muddy salt marshes, stiff soil near the coast, ballast hills. The habit is prostrate, then ascending, spreading. The stem is rigid, nearly erect, the plant downy. The leaflets are oblong, inversely egg-shaped, blunt or acute, nearly entire. The stipules are broadly awl-like, linear, very long, spreading, herbaceous. The heads are egg-shaped to rounded, terminal, lengthening in fruit, shortly-stalked, with opposite leaves below. The calyx is strongly veined, the teeth awl-like, fringed with hairs at first, erect, not so long as the corolla, afterwards broad, leaflike, spreading, acute, herbaceous, the 4 upper shorter than the ribbed tube, the lower longest and 3-veined, the tube hairy above, inversely conical in fruit. The flowers are small, pale-red. The pod is 2-valved. The plant is 6-18 inches in height, flowering between May and August, and is a herbaceous annual.

Buried Clover (Trifolium Suffocatum, Linn.)

The habitat of this plant is sandy and gravelly places, and it is sublittoral, found on sandy seashores. The plant is prostrate in habit, smooth, with short, slender, spreading stems, buried in the sand in circular tufts (hence "buried"), with inversely heart-shaped leaflets on long leaf-stalks, the leaf-like organs egg-shaped, with a long point. The flowers are white, small, with a standard (which does not fall) with a membranous border, the teeth of the calyx bent back and lance-shaped, longer than the corolla, membranous. The plant is 1-3 inches in length, and flowers in June and July, being annual.

Upright Trefoil (Trifolium Strictum, L.)

The habitat of this Trefoil is grassy places near the sea. The habit is erect or ascending. The stems are few, hairless, branched. The leaflets are toothed, with slender nerves, linear to lance-shaped, the upper oblong. The leafstalks are very short. The stipules are broadly egg-shaped, acute, toothed. The heads are terminal and axillary, broad, round, the flower-stalks short, rigid, longer than the leaves. The flowers are rose-purple, the corolla longer than the calyx. The calyx is stalkless, 13-veined, the tube bell-shaped, the teeth unequal, awl-like, spinose, spreading in fruit. The pods are obliquely rounded, flattened at the margin, beaked, the dorsal entire, thickened, projecting. The 1-2 seeds are egg-shaped, with a rather prominent radicle. The plant is 2-6 in. high, flowering in June and July, and is a herbaceous annual.