Hieracium Scullyi, Linton

The habitat of this plant is rocks. The stem is stout, erect, rigid, hairy below, woolly-felted above. The radical leaves are green, hairless above, pale bluish-green, and hairy below, fringed with stiff hairs, the basal 2-3 in., oval, inversely egg-shaped, oblong, toothed or nearly entire. The 7-16 stem-leaves are broadly inversely egg-shaped to roundly egg-shaped, with a long, narrow point, one-third clasping, toothed. The panicle is a corymb, leafy below, with nearly erect branches, the upper ascending, bent inwards, longer than the acladium. The flower-stalks are woolly-felted, hairy, glandular. The heads are large, few, blunt below. The phyllaries are broad, long-pointed, blunt, the innermost acute, dark-green, with a pale border, woolly-felted below, glandular, senescent. The ligules are yellow, with the tips hairless. The styles are dull brownish-green. The plant is 15-24 in. high. Hieracium zetlandicum, Beeby. - The habitat of this species is pastures and sheltered rocks. The stem is simple or branched, hairy below, oolly-I felted, glandular, hairy above. The basal leaves form a rosette, the earlier are small, oblong to elliptic, the later oval to elliptic, rounded, nearly acute above, toothed, wedge-shaped below, . olive-green or tinged with purple, paler, stiffly hairy below and on the borders. The 2-3 stem-leaves are nearly stalkless, like the inner basal. The panicle is close, in a sort of corymb. The 2-4 heads are dark, nearly cylindric, blunt below. The flower-stalks are rather short, straight, woolly-felted, glandular, stiffly hairy, The phyllaries are dark-green, the outer short, broad, blunt, the inner paler, egg-shaped to lance-shaped, broad to oblong, narrowed above, less blunt, glandular. The ligules are orange, hairless. The styles are yellow or brownish. The margins of the receptacle pits are toothed. The achenes are dark red-brown. The plant is 3 1/2-9 in. high, flowering in July and August, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieracium Dewari, Boswell Syme

The habitat of this plant is mountain glens. The stem is stiffly hairy below, woolly-felted, rough, hairy above.

The radical leaves are bright yellowish-green, the earlier forming'- a rosette, oval, or nearly acute, narrowed to the short, stiffly hairy leaf-stalks, stiffly hairy both sides and on the border. The stem-leaves are 7-9, the lower stalked, narrow to oval, inversely egg-shaped, narrow below, the intermediate oval to oblong, elliptic to lance-shaped, half-clasping, the upper egg-shaped, lance-shaped, with a narrow point, rounded below, toothed, clothed like the leaves of a rosette. The panicle is close, in a sort of corymb, the stalks long, slender, bent inwards, glandular, hairy. The heads are few, numerous, dark, egg-shaped to oblong, nearly cylindric and inversely conical. The phyllaries are united, dark-olive, woollv-felted below, the outer short, triangular to lance-shaped, blunt, closely pressed, the inner lance-shaped to linear, with a pale border, blunt, hairy, glandular. The ligules are tipped with stiff hairs, The styles are dark-brown. The plant is 1-3 ft. high, flowering from July to September, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Hieracium demissum, Stromf., van pulchelli-forme, W. R. Linton. - The type of this species does not occur in this country. The stem is stout, stifflv hairy, woolly-felted. The radical leaves are yellowish-green, the outer few soon fading, narrow, oval to inversely egg-shaped, blunt, narrowed to the winged leaf-stalk, toothed below, hairy. The 3-5 stem-leaves are stalkless, the lowest slightly stalked, the lower narrow below, the upper rounded to egg-shaped, acute, toothed, The panicle is small, rigid, in a sort of corymb, the branches straight, equal to or longer than the acladium. The flower-stalks have one or two linear bracts, are woolly - felted, stiffly hairy, glandular. The 2-5 heads are medium, thick, nearly cylindric, egg-shaped below. The phyllaries are the same colour, broad, the outer triangular to lance-shaped, the inner lance-shaped to linear, blunt, the innermost acute, with brown stiff hairs, glandular. The ligules are hairless. The styles are brown.