Hairy Stonecrop (Sedum Villosum, L.)

The habitat of this plant is wet mountain pastures, alpine bogs, and marshes. The plant has the cushion or mat habit. The plant is glandular, downy. The root is small and weak. The stems form a tuft of leaves the first year, lengthen in the second, and are then slender and flowering. They are erect. The leaves are linear, stalkless, semi-cylindrical, alternate, flat above, blunt, not spurred or produced at the base, scattered. The flowers are white or purple, in a sort of scorpioid cyme, few, the sepals egg-shaped, blunt, the petals egg-shaped, acute, rose-colour, with a purple streak. The seedlings form a rosette. The plant is 3-4 in. high, flowering in June and July, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Sedum Micranthum, Bast

The habitat of this species is walls and rocks. The leaves are flattened both sides, and are inversely ovate to oblong, blunt. The sepals are rounder, the petals more acute. The plant is 3-4 in. in height.