Order Violace

Large Bog Violet (Viola Monlana, L.)

Root-stock creeping. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, long, narrowed gradually from below. Flowers nearly circular, bluish-white or pale-blue. Spur green. 6-12 in. April-June. Herbaceous perennial. Fens, Hunts.

Order Vacciniaceae

American Cranberry (Oxycoccos Macrocarpus, Pers.)

Creeping. Leaves oblong; margins flat. Flowers red, lateral. Fruit large, globular. July. Perennial shrub. Flintshire bogs.

Order Juncaceae

Obtuse-Flowered Rush (Juncus Subnodulosits, Schrank = J. Obtusiflorus, Ehrh.)

Erect. Stem round in section. Leaves septate, hollow, round in section. Flowers in a spreading cyme with zigzag branches. Perianth-segments blunt, pale, as long as the narrow-pointed capsule. 1-3 ft. July. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Cyperaceae

Brown Bog-Rush (Schaenus Ferrugineus, L.)

Tufted. Stems grooved. Spikelets 1-3, lateral, slender, nearly equalling the erect sheathing bracts. 4-8 in. June. Herbaceous perennial. Perthshire bogs.

Soft Brown Sedge (Carex Disticha, Huds. = 0. Intermedia, Good.)

Soboles far-reaching. Stems erect, equalling leaves. Spike nearly unisexual. Spikelets in an oblong interrupted spike, in two rows. Upper and lower fertile, intermediate barren. Fruit ovoid-lanceolate, with narrow wing, longer than glumes. 1-2 ft. June. Herbaceous perennial.