Chenopodium Leptophylhim, Nutt

Differs from C. album, L., in smaller size and very narrow-linear leaves.

Garden Orache (Atriplex Hortensis, L.)

Erect. Leaves triangular-cordate, toothed, green, opaque. Calyx more or less rounded, entire. 1-3 ft. July-October. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Polygonaceae

Polygonum cuspidatum, S. & Z. - Stoloniferous. Erect. Leaves broadly cordate, with long, narrow abrupt point. Flowers greenish-white. 3-6 ft. August. Herbaceous perennial. Japanese.

Order Urticace.b

Hemp (Cannabis Saliva, L.)

Erect. Stem stout, furrowed, hairy, rigid, fibrous. Leaves opposite, stalked, digitate, toothed, rough, glandular. Flowers green. 1-3 ft. July-September. Herbaceous annual. Dioecious.

Roman Nettle (Urtica Pilulifera, L.)

Leaves ovate, coarsely toothed. Flowers green, futile ones in globular heads. 1-3 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual. Sting very venomous. Said to have been introduced by the Romans.

Order Liliaceae

Allium Paradoxum, Don

Leaves channelled, rolled inwards above. Scape leafy below. Flowers white. Corolla bell-shaped, with elliptic, blunt segments. 6-12 in. July. Herbaceous perennial. Siberian.

Order Graminaceae

Finger Grass (Panicum Sangtiinale, L.)

Ascending. Leaves and sheaths hairy. Spikelets one-sided on digitate spikes. Flowering glumes awnless. 6-12 in. July. Herbaceous annual.

Millet Grass (Panicum Miliaceum, L.)

Erect. Leaves large, soft. Panicle drooping, tinged with dark-brown. 1-2 ft. July-September. Herbaceous annual.

Phleum Paniculatum, Huds

Glumes wedge-shaped; lateral ribs not conspicuous. Panicle cylindrical, slender. 6-12 in. June. Herbaceous annual. Rare.

Bromus Tectorunt, L

Erect. Stem downy. Awn short, as long as outer glumes. Flowers in a one-sided panicle. Spikelets small. 9-15 in. June. Herbaceous annual. Rare.

Bromus Squarrosus, L

Panicle simple, drooping. Flowers nearly smooth, overlapping. Spikelets ovate-lanceolate, somewhat flattened. Lower palea 9-ribbed. Awn twisted, spreading. 1-2 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Bromus patulus, M. & K. ( = B. Japonicus, Thunb.). - Panicle compound, spreading, branches turned back finally. Spikelets lanceolate. Lower palea 7-ribbed. 9-15 in. June-August. Herbaceous annual.