Xanthium Spinosum, L

Stem spinose. Leaves lanceolate, deeply lobed, pale below. Fruit with straight beak. 6-12 in. July. Herbaceous annual.

Crepis Nicceensis, Ralb

Erect. Stem nearly leafless above; branches corymbosc. Leaves lyrate, pinnatifid, hairy; cauline arrow-shaped,clasping, upper lanceolate, entire. Flower-heads yellow. Flower-stalks and involucre glandular, hairy. Fruit oblong, hardly narrowed above, ribbed, rough, shorter than pappus. 1-3 ft. June. Herbaceous biennial.

Order Boraginace

Lappula echinata, Gilib. ( = Echinospertnum Lappula, Lehm.). - Leaves sessile, bristly. Corolla pale-blue, salver-shaped. Calyx erect in fruit. Nutlet with a double row of prickles on the margin. 6-15 in. July. Herbaceous annual. Rare.

Prickly Comfrey (Symphytum Peregrinum, Ledeb.)

Leaves very rough. Hairs with bulbous base. Flowers bluish-purple. 2-4 ft. June-August. Herbaceous perennial.

Borage (Borago Officinalis, L.)

Erect. Bristly with bulbous hairs. Lower leaves obovate. Cauline leaves much narrowed towards the base, auricled. Flowers bright-blue. Anthers prominent, black. Corolla-lobes ovate, acute, spreading. 1-2 ft. June. Herbaceous biennial.

Italian Bugloss (Echium Italicum, L.)

Very bristly. Stem simple. Leaves lanceolate. Flowers pink or white. Stamens twice as long as corolla. 1-2 ft. June-August. Herbaceous biennial. Rare.

Order Scrophulariaceae

Prostrate Toadflax (Linaria Supina, Desf.)

Spreading or ascending. Leaves linear, blunt. Flowers yellow, racemed. Sepals linear, spoon-shaped. 1-5 in. July-September. Herbaceous annual. Naturalized in Devon and Cornwall.

Erinus Alpinus, L

Tufted. Leaves spoon-shaped, deeply toothed. Flowers violet-red, corymbose. 2-8 in. July. Herbaceous perennial. Rare.

Order Labiat;E

Mentha Cardiaca, Baker

Smells of Basil and Spearmint. Nearly smooth. Stem-leaves sessile. Flowers purple-lilac. Bracts sessile, two to four times as long as crowded whorls of flowers. 1-2 ft. July-October. Herbaceous perennial. A hybrid.

Salvia Vcrticillata, L

Leaves triangular, cordate; lower auricled. Flowers bluish-purple, in many-flowered whorls. 1-2 ft. June-August. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Plantaginaceae

Plantago ramosa, Asch. ( = P. arenaria, W. & K.). - Erect. Stem branched, leafy. Leaves opposite, linear. Flowers in a spike, on long stalks, greenish-white. 6-18 in. June-September. Herbaceous annual.

Plantago Argentea, L

Leaves linear, silky. Bracts obovate, blunt, silky. Scape erect, round in section. Spike round. 3-6 in. July. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Chenopodiace.e Strawberry Blite (Chenopodium capitatum, Asch. - Leaves triangular-hastate, slightly toothed, smooth. Flowers in a naked spike. Fruit red, succulent, like a small strawberry. 6 in.-2 ft. July-September. Herbaceous annual.