Smith's Cress (Lepidium Smithii, Hook. = Z. Heterophyllum, Benth.)

Stems several, branched below, central one erect, rest spreading. Leaves hairy, toothed; lower obcordate, stalked; upper lanceolate, clasping. Flowers white. Anthers violet. Pods ovate, notched. Style twice as long as notch. 6-12 in. June-August. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Violaceae

Heart's Ease ( Viola Tricolor, L.)

Differences from V. arvensis, L.: - No rootstock. Leaves oblong, scalloped. Flowers purple and yellow. Petals longer than sepals. 4-12 in. April-September. Herbaceous annual.

Order Caryophyllaceae

Soapwort (Saponaria Vaccaria, L.)

Glaucous. Erect. Stem much branched above. Leaves ovate-oblong', sessile, clasping. Flowers rose-coloured. Calyx 5-angled. 9 in.-2 ft. July-September. Herbaceous annual.

Silene Dichotoma, Ehrh

Erect. Stem forked above. Flowers creamy-white. 1-2 ft. June. Herbaceous annual. Resembling some forms of Lychnis alba, but more slender.

Order Portulaceae

Portulaca Oleracea, L

Prostrate-ascending, smooth, fleshy. Stem branched. Leaves alternate. Flowers yellow, terminal, sessile. 6-18 in. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Order Leguminosae

Vicia Tenuifolia, Roth

Climbing. Leaflets linear, acute. Tendrils branched. Flowers blue with white markings, in a long spike. Limb of standard long. Pods linear-oblong. 2-4 ft. June. Herbaceous annual.

Villous Vetch ( Vicia Villosa, Roth)

Prostrate-ascending. Leaflets lanceolate, with spreading villous hairs. Flowers purple. Limb of standard long. Pod rhomboid-elliptical. 1-3 ft.June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Hairy Yellow Vetch (Vicia Hybrida, L.)

Prostrate. Stems not tufted. Leaflets oval. Flowers yellow. Standard and pod hairy. 6 in.-2ft. June-August. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Rosacea

Garden Strawberry (Fragaria Chilocnsis, Duch.)

Creeping. Leaves dark-green above, white below. Flowers white, i-if in. Fruiting calyx erect. 6-10 in. May-July. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Umbelliferae

Falcaria Vulgaris, Bernh

Leaves ternate, digitate, leaflets linear-lanceolate, coarsely serrate, blunt-pointed. Flowers white. 1-2 ft. July. Herbaceous perennial.

Chaerophyllum Aurcum, L

Rootstock branched. Leaflets yellowish-green, smooth, long-pointed. Flowers white. Fruit yellowish. Herbaceous perennial.

Garden Angelica (Archangelica Officinalis, Hoffm.)

Leaves and stems bright-green. Leaflets sessile, decurrent; terminal leaflet 3-fid. Calyx-teeth minute. Flowers white, in large terminal umbels of 30-40 rays. 2-6 ft. July. Herbaceous perennial.

Order Composite

Xanthium Strumarium, L

Erect. Stem not spinose. Lower leaves heart-shaped, 3-lobed below, coarsely toothed. Flower-heads greenish. Involucre downy. Fruit oval, with two beaks, straight, hooked at tip. 1-2 ft. July. Herbaceous annual.