London Rocket (Sisymbrium Irio, L.)

Erect. Stem branched, smooth. Lower leaves runcinate-pinnatifid; lobes toothed oblong, terminal, angular. Upper lanceolate with hastate terminal lobe. Flowers yellow. Flower-stalks slender. Pods round in section, erect, four times as long as the stalks. Seeds oblong. 1-2 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Treacle Mustard (Erysimum Cheiranthoides, L.)

Erect. Stem rigid. Leaves lanceolate, narrowed at base, entire, slightly toothed, with 3-partite stellate hairs. Flowers yellow. Flower-stalks exceeding calyx, much shorter than pods. Pods more or less erect. Seeds many, small. 6 in.-2 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Erysimum Repandum, L

Spreading. Leaves lanceolate, repand-toothed. Hairs simple. Flowers pale - yellow. Pods square, blunt, spreading. 6 in.-1 ft. June-August. Herbaceous perennial.

Hare's Ear Treacle Mustard (Conringia Orien-Talis, L. = Erysimum Perfoliatum, Crantz)

Erect. Stem simple, round in section. Radical-leaves obovate, blunt, entire, smooth, glaucous. Cau-line ovate-cordate, blunt, clasping. Flowers cream-coloured. 1-2 ft. June-September. Herbaceous annual.

Wild Turnip (Brassica Rapa, L.)

Radical-leaves more or less hairy, not glaucous. Cauline smooth, bluish-white. Flowers bright-yellow. 1-3 ft. May-July. Herbaceous biennial.

Swede (Brassica Rutabaga, Dc)

Radical-leaves glaucous. Root tuberous, with elongated neck. Flowers pale-buff. 1-3 ft. March-September. Herbaceous biennial.

Rape (Brassica Arapus, L.)

Leaves bluish-white. Root slender, spindle-shaped. Flowers yellow. 1-3 ft. June-August. Herbaceous biennial.

Black Mustard (Brassica Nigra, Koch = B. Sitiapioides, Roth)

Erect. Lower leaves large, lyrate, rough; terminal lobe large-lobed. Upper linear-lanceolate, entire, smooth. Pods appressed, square, smooth, beak awl-shaped, short, sterile; valves 1-veined. 1-4 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

White Mustard (Brassica Alba Boiss. = Sinapis Alba, L.)

Chief differences from last: - Stem rough, with turned-back hairs. Pods spreading, cylindrical, knotty, roughly hairy. Valves 5-veined, not as long as sword-shaped beak, which is sometimes i-seeded. 1-3 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Brassica Pollichii, Druce

Leaves deeply pin-natifid. Flowers whitish-yellow, with bracts at base of raceme. Pods spreading, linear, 1-nerved. 1-2 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual.

Hairy Cress (Lepidium Draba, L.)

Erect. Stem branched. Leaves oblong, clasping, toothed, lower stalked. Flowers numerous, small, white, on long stalks in corymbs. Style as long as dissepiment. Pod heart-shaped. 1-2 ft. May. Herbaceous perennial.

Garden Cress (Lepidium Sativum, L.)

Erect. Lower leaves 1-2-pinnatifid; upper linear, entire, sessile. Flowers white. Pouch round-oval, blunt. 6-18 in. June-August. Herbaceous annual.