Potamogeton Varians, Fryer ( - P. Spathiformis, Tuck.)

Leaves inversely ovate, lower spoon-shaped, mostly sessile. June-August. Herbaceous perennial. Streams. Very rare.

Order Papaveraceae

Opium Poppy (Papaver Somniferum, L.)

Distinguished from other native poppies by the glaucous stem-clasping leaves and the large white or dull-purple flowers. 1-3 ft. July. Herbaceous annual.

Scarlet Horned Poppy (Glaucium Comiculatum, Curt. = G. Phceniceum, Crantz)

Smaller than G. lu/eum, L. Flowers scarlet or wine-red, with a black spot below. Capsule hairy. July. Herbaceous biennial.

Order Fumariaceae

Fumitory (Fumaria Capreolata, L.)

Climbing by twisted petioles. Leaves 2-pinnate; segments broad, flat. Sepals half as long as corolla. Lower petal gradually dilated at tip. Fruit square, blunt, with a distinct neck. Fruit-stalks turned back. 1-3 ft. May-September. Herbaceous annual.

Fumaria Purpurea, Pugsley

Differs from last as follows: - Sepals two-thirds as long as corolla. Corolla purplish, tipped with dark-purple. Flower-stalks spreading at first. Fruit smaller, slightly wrinkled when dry.

Fumaria Occidentalis, Pugsley

Robust, climbing. Flowers large, rose with dark-purple tips. Upper petals broadly winged. Fruit-stalks erect or curving downwards. Fruit large, roundish, tubercled, wrinkled when dry. June-October. Herbaceous annual. Cornwall.

Fumaria Borcei, Jord

Robust. Flowers large, purple or pink. Fruit broader than long, blunt, wrinkled, with very narrow neck. May-September. Herbaceous annual.

Fumaria Bastardi, Bor. ( = F. coti/usa, Jord.). - Climbing. Flowers large, whitish or pink, inner petals tipped with dark-purple. Sepals not half as long as corolla, often persisting. Fruit rounded above the very broad neck, wrinkled vertically. Apical pits broad and shallow. April-September. Herbaceous annual.

Fumaria densiflora, DC. ( = F. micrantha, Lag-).- Spreading. Leaf-segments narrow, flat or slightly channelled. Flowers pale-purple. Lower petal spoon-shaped. Sepals broader than corolla tube, toothed. Fruit-stalks erect to spreading. Fruit rounded or longer than broad, wrinkled when dry, with two shallow apical pits. 6 in.-2 ft. June-September. Herbaceous annual.

Fumaria Vaillantii, Lois

Greyish-green. Leaf-segments flat, spreading, narrow. Sepals very small, triangular. Flowers purplish, then white. Fruit obovate, pointed, shorter than fruit-stalk. April - September. Herbaceous annual. Rare.

Order Cruciferae

Alyssum Incanum, L

Erect or ascending. Stem hoary. Leaves lanceolate. Flowers white. Calyx falls. Petals 2-fid, nearly to base. Pods elliptic, many-seeded. 6-15 in. June-September. Herbaceous annual or biennial.

Flixweed (Sisymbrium Sophia, L.)

Erect. Stem branched above. Leaves 2-3-pinnatifid; segments linear-lanceolate. Flowers pale-yellow on slender stalks; petals short. Pods linear, round in section, three times as long as stalks, erect to spreading. Style very short. Seeds oblong. 1-2 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual. Sisymbrium pannonicum, L. (= S. alfissimum, L. = S. Sinapistrum, Crantz). - Erect. Lower leaves runcinate-pinnatifid, auricled below. Flowers yellow. Sepals spreading. Pods spreading. 1-2 ft. June-August. Herbaceous annual.