Yellow Figwort (Scrophularia Vernalis, L.)

The habitat of this plant is waste places and plantations, and it is an escape from gardens. The habit is erect. The rootstock is creeping. The plant is glandular, hairy. The stem is more or less 4-angled, or winged, hairy. The leaves are broadly ovate, triangular, deeply doubly scalloped, toothed, lobed, heart-shaped to acute, downy. The flowers are yellow, inflated, with a narrow mouth, in axillary, terminal cymes or corymbs, umbel-like. The bracts are leaf-like. The 5 sepals are oblong-, with the apex turned back, not bordered. The flower-stalks are short or slender. The corolla is pitcher-shaped. The capsule is broadly ovoid, long, and narrow-pointed, acute. The plant is 1-3 ft. high, flowering from April to June, and is a herbaceous perennial.

Grey Field Speedwell (Veronica Polita, Fries = V. Didyma, Ten.)

The habitat of this plant is cultivated ground, fields, waste places. The leaves are all stalked, heart-shaped to ovate, cut, toothed, not so long as the flower-stalks, broader than in V. agrestis, and with deeper irregular teeth. The flowers are bright blue, the sepals broadly ovate, long and narrow-pointed, more or less acute, the corolla large. The stamens are inserted at the bottom of the corolla. The capsule consists of two swollen lobes, with short, dense hairs without glands, and some glandular, shorter hairs, or smooth. The seeds are 8-12 in a cell. The plant is 4-8 in. high, flowering from April to September, and is a herbaceous annual.

Veronica Peregrina, L

The habitat of this plant is dry fields. The stem is erect, with blunt leaves, narrow below. The lower leaves are oblong, inversely egg-shaped, the upper are bracts. The flowers are numerous, small, white with a pinkish tinge, and less than the bracts, in a loose raceme, slightly spiked. The flower-stalk is very short, and the style also. The sepals are linear, lance-shaped. The capsules are inversely heart-shaped, smooth, not so long as broad, with rounded lobes. The plant is 2-5 in. in height. It flowers in May, and is an annual.

Veronica repens, D.C. - This plant occurs in this country only as a weed in nursery grounds. The stem is prostrate, rooting. The habit is creeping. The leaves are oval to rounded. The branches are short. The flowers are bluish-red. The style is three times as long as the capsule. The plant is a herbaceous perennial, flowering in July.

Veronica Hybrida, L

The habitat of this species is calcareous or limestone cliffs in the W. of England and Wales. The habit is as in the last, but this plant is taller. The lower leaves are oval with a wedge-shaped base, or ovate with a rounded or slightly heart-shaped base. The leaves are stalked, broader, and are coarsely toothed throughout. The plant is 6-15 in. in height.