Family, Iris. Color, violet - blue with yellow center. Perianth, of 6 divisions, each bristle-tipped, widely spreading, united in a tube below. Stamens, 3. Styles, 3. Capsule, 3-celled. Stems, 2-edged, flat, sometimes twisted, 3 to 14 inches tall, occasionally forking above. Leaves, narrow, about the same width as the stems, grass-like. Flowers, 1 to 3, on short pedicels, from a pair of bracts (the spathes), one shorter than the other. May to July.

A common, wide-open flower about 3/4 of an inch long, found in low meadows, in rather damp soil, from Newfoundland to Virginia, and westward to Colorado. One of its popular names is blue star.

S. gramineum. - Color, blue. This species has a smaller blossom than the last, on a taller stem. Two flowering stems arise from near the top, each bearing in an umbel 3 or more small flowers on slender pedicels. A single leaf subtends the flowers. Other leaves, all grass-like, spring from near the base, their edges rough. 8 to 18 inches tall. April to June.

Wet meadows, in grassy places on the edges of woods from Massachusetts to Florida and westward.