Bidens frondosa ("2-toothed," referring to the 2 horns on the achenes). - Family, Composite. Color, greenish or pale yellow, taken mostly from the disk, for the rays are seldom found. The involucre is roundish, and the outer bracts become long, much longer than the disk, leaf-like, rough-margined. Leaves, petioled, pinnately 3 to 5-divided, with segments thin, stalked, sharply toothed, acute at apex, roughish. 2 to 8 feet high. July to October.

One may make the acquaintance of this plant by its fruit, after a walk in the woods in fall. The seeds are achenes, with barbed awns which point down, catching in the clothing. There is no beauty in the plant, and it is often quite too common, becoming a weed more and more widely disseminated. Some of its common names show the low estimation in which it is held - beggar - lice, pitchforks (a really suitable name), stickseed, or sticktight.