Family, Rose. Color, yellow. Calyx, large, 5-cleft, with narrow bracts in the recesses. Petals, 5, small. The calyx-lobes project beyond the petals. Stamens, 15 to 20. Flowers, in a small, close, leafy cyme. Leaves, of 3 leaflets, sessile; leaflets rather deeply serrate.

A branching, hairy species, growing from 6 inches to 2 feet high. Stems thick. Flowers crowded and mixed with leaves at the end of the stem. They are insignificant, and the petals soon drop. Most of our cinquefoils have 5 leaflets. This has 3. Common.

P. recta. - Color, pale yellow. Leaves, palmately divided, 5 to 9-foliate, generally 7, deeply toothed along the margins. Stems, upright, stout, hairy. Corolla, large, showy. Petals, notched. June to August.

Bordering fields and roadsides from Maine to Pennsylvania and westward. An imported species.