Family, Borage. Color, yellowish or white. (See chapter on White Flowers, p. 119.)

L. Gmeltni. - Color, yellow. Calyx and corolla, tubular, with spreading, divided border. Flowers, large, showy, all with peduncles in terminal spikes, leafy-bracted. Leaves and stem, bristly-rough. April to June.

Pine barrens and wet, sandy ground from New York to Minnesota and southward.

Lithospermum officinale (Name means "stony seed," from the hard, bony nutlets.) - Family, Borage. Color, white, with sometimes a yellowish tinge. Calyx and corolla tubular, with spreading. 5-cleft border, crested or with 5 scales in the throat. Leaves, rough above, soft beneath, broadly lance-shaped, thin, tapering at apex, distinctly veined. Stem, 2 to 4 feet high, leafy. Flowers, in leafy racemes, generally single. May to August.

Perennial herbs, with red roots. Roadsides and waste fields from New York northward and westward.