Family, Mint. Color, yellow, spotted with purple. Calyx, tubular, downy, especially hairy in throat, with short teeth. Corolla, tubular, its limb 2-divided, the upper lip long, narrow, arching over the stamens, deeply spotted with purple; the lower unequally 3-divided, spreading. Flowers, in heads or clusters, axillary or terminal, surrounded by and mixed with floral bracts which are more showy than the flower, yellow and purple. Stem, perennial, rough, hairy, 2 to 3 feet high. Leaves, lance-shaped or linear, acute at both ends, petioled, distantly serrate. Small ones, sessile, are clustered in the axils of the larger ones. July to October.

Dry fields, open woods from Long Island and southern New York to Florida, and westward to Wisconsin and Texas.