Utricularia purpurea - Family, Figwort. Color, violet purple. Flower, of the Figwort type, 2-lipped, the lower lip 3-lobed. Of these the two side lobes are swollen and sac-like. Flowers, 1 to 4 on a leafless scape which rises out of shallow water from 1 to 6 inches high. Branches float on the surface, with petioled leaves cut into hair-like divisions, furnished with many bladders. May to August.

In ponds and streams, near the coast, from Maine to Florida.

U. resupinata. - Color, purple. This is a species with showy flowers, single, borne upon the summit of a scape from 2 to 7 inches long. The plant roots in the mud and sends up a scape springing from shoots 1 or 2 inches above the soil. Leaves and bladders small. August.

In borders of ponds and sandy bogs, Maine to Florida. Rare.