Color, pale purple, nearly white, heaves, narrowly linear, somewhat fleshy, entire, pointed, sessile, almost clasping the stem, the lowest 2 to 6 inches long. Stem, forked above, zigzag when old and dry, loosely branched, 1 to 2 feet high. Heads of flowers, large, on the tips of upper branches. Rays, long, numerous, drooping. August to October.

This crooked-stemmed aster is common in salt marshes, low growing, with showy flowers. Massachusetts to Florida, near the coast.

A. subulktus. - Color, purplish. Rays, in 2 rows, short, not longer than the disk. Flowers, small, bell - shape, in panicles. Leaves, long and very narrow, flat, entire, with square, sessile bases; those on the branches small, awl-shaped. Stem, rather thick, 1 to 6 feet high. August to November.

Common in salt marshes from New Hampshire to Florida. (See illustration, p. 363.)